Google me- how search & social media have changed relationships

I was just chatting with a friend when the topic of "Google Me" came up. We joked for a minute, before admitting we had each "Googled" each other. That made me wonder, what does my searchable profile tell people about me? What content is public? Social Media and search have changed the "first impression" for most people.

I am often curious before meeting a new business associate or when interviewing for a job, for example. I even Google as a screening effort for potential dates. So if I am using search to learn about people, I would only assume that others are doing it as well. And why not? The more social media sites out there, the larger a person's digital footprint.

Your digital footprint is kinda like how much real estate you have on the web. Every time you create a profile on a website, that info can be traced and is searchable. That is why there are so many privacy setting options on social sites such as Facebook.


Speak no evil, hear no evil: A lesson for Facebook Page Managers

So I realize that I have not updated by blog or written a new article in a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG.... time. Over a year to be exact. That makes me a bad blogger. Good thing I'm not putting my career on the line, based on my blogging frequency.

Checking in on my blog page reminded me of a lesson I have been practicing lately as a Facebook page manager: If you do not have anything good/ fascinating/ amazing to say on your social media channel, it is best to not say anything at all. People do not share crap. It is a fact. People share amazing.

Think about it...what is the last video, picture, song, etc. that you shared on a social network? What was it that evoked an emotion in you to make you go out of your way to tell others?