I have a *Marketing* dream

Marketing DreamMonday was Martin Luther King JR Day, which made me think about dreams, my dreams. Not to steal MLK's thunder, but I also have a dream. We all have dreams.

My dream is definately more career focused than most of my friends. I'm not a singer or an athlete. My talent lies in networking and marketing. I feel that I have a talent for marketing that could be use in a larger capacity. Right now, I'm not exactly sure how.

I know I want to make a difference. I want to help people. I enjoy networking and connecting people to others that could benefit them. I dream about making an impact through marketing on a national, even global scale. I want to be a part of somethng that is bigger than just me.


Nashville #PREDS Marketing Wins

This week, I attended an ad industry event hosted by Ad 2 Nashville and AAF Nashville, featuring a speaker from the Nashville Predators (Preds) Professional Ice Hockey Team's marketing department.

Chris Parker, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing for the Nashville Predators, spoke about keeping a professional sports team relevant during a lockout and how the team has stayed top-of mind with fans through promotions, social media, and community engagement.

So, how does an NHL team stay relevant in a lockout? Well, Chris admitted- it's no secret that you can't bring the game to the fans, which is really what the experience is all about - But you can have a plan in place that connects with the community and says "the team is still here, and we are a part of the community."

The Preds had a plan: Manage community expectations on and off the ice through fan and season ticket-holder events, sponsorship contests, charity events...And the best marketing idea of all: Do what they do best- Make Some Noise, Give the Fans a Show!

"Nashville Predators SMASHMOB" video was a hit!  The Nashville Predators surprised a youth hockey game by bringing the full NHL experience to the rink. The families and kids were stunned to see and hear the NHL announcer, Paul McCann, the national anthem, Gnash, and about 250 fans take over the game. Oh, and then they put it on YouTube and promoted the heck out of it via social media. (GO PREDS!!!)

The Preds show how even in a lockout, hockey lives...in the hopes of the little players. It's all about the experience. Bravo to the Preds for showing that in this video.

Their video got national attention! Another marketing win.
Sports.Yahoo.Com/Nashville Predators ‘Smashmob’ surprises youth hockey teams, becomes viral hit

Yes, it was a marketing move, but it was a good one that literally brought me to tears when I watched it. That's just good marketing. Telling a story. Evoking emotion. A win.

And guess what? #hockeyisback! That video will stay with me as I'm cheering on the #preds this season. It's all about creating memorable experiences. GO PREDS!!!


Nashville's Thinkers and Doers: 2 Degrees of Separation

Nashville, TN is a big small town, which according to The New York Times article, "Nashville's Latest Big Hit Could Be the City Itself", is the new "darling" of the nation. Yep, they like us, they really like us!

For me, Nashville is the land of opportunity. A place to connect with like-minded folks, share ideas, and make S**T happen.

Just this week, I was sitting in a Social Media Nashville (@smcnash) planning meeting - doing the above mentioned, when a Tweet came across from @AAFNashville: Nashville's ‪@davedelaney‬ is speaking now on BlogTalkRadio with ‪@DebCE‬ here - ‪http://ow.ly/gGvlD ‬ He's mentioned ‪@crossga‬@NashvilleAMA‬.

Flattered and curious, I tweeted to Dave to send me a link to the podcast.


Mail vs Email: Dinosaur Branding Techniques

Is mail a dinosaur? Compared to email, it may be. I check my mailbox about twice a week. I check my email inbox about twice a minute.

Maybe it's because I don't get much mail, in fact here's my count for all of 2012:
  • 3 cards
  • 1 personal letter
  • 2 postcards
I'm not kidding! In less than 10 years first class stamped mail has been cut in half from 50B in 2002 to 25B in 2011. 
[Source] about.usps.com/who-we-are/postal-facts