Marketers: Get Your Head Out of the Sand and Into the Digital Age!

Throughout this Summer, I have been networking and interviewing with several Nashville-based companies only to find that I seem to be “on another level” than the typical corporate marketer in my approach to an integrated marketing strategy that uses technological trends to deliver relevant content to customers.

Forgive me while I step onto my soapbox and shout for a second:

If you are a “Marketing Director” or “Marketing Manager” in today’s technology, consumer-driven marketplace, it’s your freakin’ job to understand how digital and social media marketing fit into the landscape of who you are marketing to and how your marketing messages are being communicated.  It’s just another part of the marketing mix.


Guest Blogging: A Win, Win, Win!

Guest blogging is simply writing an article that fits with a blog's core topic, yet provides a slightly different perspective from the usual author. This gives audiences exposure to new people, thoughts, and is great for maximizing a blog's exposure to new audiences....not to mention a chance to expand ones' personal brand if you are the guest blogger!

This week, I'm guest blogging for my friend, John W. Ellis over at Crescent Interactive!

Check out my "Winning Google+ Hangout Strategies" article on John's Blog to learn how Google+'s Hangouts and Hangouts On Air can help your brand.

Interested in guest blogging for me or having me guest blog for you? 
I'm happy to entertain the idea....just Tweet me a message at @crossga and let's connect.