"Newbie" Twitter Networking & Branding Ideas

I am often asked how to get started on Twitter or how to use Twitter for branding and business development. There's no quick fix. It takes time and dedication. Every "Twitter bird" is a little hesitant to leave the nest before taking flight.

I realize not everyone is naturally social media savvy. I'm sharing my ideas so that we may be "birds of a feather" in the Twittersphere.

1. First things first, learn the terms.
Retweet (RT), Hashtag, Follow, etc. It's a language of its own. Here's a great Twitter Dictionary as a guide: Mediabestro's "The Essential Twitter Dictionary"

2. Pick your dashboard for organizing tweets, scheduling tweets, and setting up alerts.
TweetDeck and HootSuite are the most common and they have phone apps, so you will never miss a Tweet. I use HootSuite.