Yo Mama's So Social…

It's mother's day in Nashville, Music City and there are a lot of "mom" tributes on the social networks today from Facebook wishes to Instragram pics to FourSquare check-ins with moms…and guess what? Most of the moms are on the networks are commenting back!

I would have to point out as a disclaimer, that it depends on how old your mom is and what your lifestyle is like. Not all moms are using social media, but the numbers are pretty big, especially for younger moms with children under eighteen.

Here are some stats I found that show some mom trends in social media:
Source: PCMag.com / Infographic: Moms Embrace Social Media, Smartphones
Source:  loritaylor.com / Women in Pinterest
Showing some love for Nashville: 
Here are a few socially friendly "mom brands" on Twitter that are based in Nashville, TN. Connect with them and remember to mind your manners…your mom might be there too!

Mom likes to clean:        Oreck
Mom likes to sew:          Singer
Mom likes to save:         Dollar General, The Dave Ramsey Show
Mom likes to drive:        Nissan
Mom likes to read:         Magazines.com, Thomas Nelson
Mom likes to dine out:   O'Charleys, Back Yard Burgers, Shoney's
And sometimes….
Mom likes to drink:       Yazoo, Jack Daniel's Honey


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