Will Google's"superphones" save the world?

Google is on its way to becoming the "Wal-Mart" of technology consumption -AKA one stop shopping for all of your online connecting needs. Google's newest adventure of 2010 is the announcement of a mobile phone called Nexus One (with phone Applications that connect to all of the other Google internet resources).

From googleblog.blogspot.com: "we're pleased to announce a new way for consumers to purchase a mobile phone through a Google hosted web store. The goal of this new consumer channel is to provide an efficient way to connect Google's online users with selected Android devices. We also want to make the overall user experience simple: a simple purchasing process, simple service plans from operators, simple and worry-free delivery and start-up."

Google calls these new phones "superphones". Which is a fitting title, seeing as how Google's technology has changed the way marketers do business and has suped up the challenge for competitive technology and online companies. Now, Google is taking on the telecommunications industry.

As someone who consumes a lot of technology, I think it is super that Google is making my user experiences faster, more fun, and customized to my needs.

Read Google's full blog article here:

Official Google Blog: Our new approach to buying a mobile phone

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  1. Not even close.

    Every Android device that has been announced, everyone goes all crazy for while its still in the pre-release stages, yet once they hit the market, the consumer opinions quickly start to fall. Happened with "the Droid", the MyTouch, the Hero, etc.

    The majority of the people who hype the new Android devices have never used one or have used one for a very limited amount of time, and wind up going back to their original OS platform.

    All the Nexus One is is just a souped up Hero/MyTouch. Nothing ground-breaking at all. The only thing ground-breaking is that the devices are being offered sim-unlocked.

    Am I saying that the Nexus One and Android platform are "bad"? Not at all. What I am saying is that they aren't as "bad-ass" as everyone perceives them to be. Once they hit the market, its a completely different story.


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