Brands I #LOVE: @NASA is a Social Media Star with #NASASocial Events

I've been following +NASA on Google+ for a while and always love seeing the pics from space, as well as the insider info on NASA events and Google+ hangouts about NASA's space exploration.

NASA hits it into space with social media! 
NASA truly has something for everyone with niche social media channels for all the different initiatives. Anyone can find their interest on NASA'S Social Media Connection Page. Imagine talking to astronauts IN SPACE! You can! Just connect with NASA via your favorite social media channels.

A brand with personality out of this world! One of my favorites..
Funny, suave, quirky, and sweet with a ton of pop culture references...meet @MarsCuriosity
(I think it's a guy...and I'm wooed by him!) I'm not the only one. See the Brandchannel.com article below.
My #Moonbuggy #NASASocial group.
photo via Flickr.com/photos/nasamarshall
NASA's social media events are stellar!
NASA hosts a ton of social loyalty events, known as #NASASocials, all the space enthusiasts who are also Tweetahaulics gather to Tweet at NASA's big events.

I was thrilled to be selected to participate in a #NASASocial event, the 20th Annual #Moonbuggy race at @NASA_Marshall in Huntsville, AL. I came across the event after following @NASAsocial and applied. It was on my wishlist!

A unique experience where every other word out of my mouth was, "wow!"

I entertained my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ friends and followers my #NASASocial pics, status updates, and videos from watching the movie premiere of "Space Warriors" to meeting the #moonbuggy race teams from all over the world to touring NASA Marshall's facilities and meeting the people who actually work at NASA to getting to play with some of the Space Camp training equipment. I enjoyed making new friends, while interacting with my Twitter friends about what was happening.

Get in on the Action! Get Social with NASA:
For updates, follow @NASA and  @NASASocial.

Check the #NASASocial Events page for NASA events near you. I encourage you to apply, it's an amazing experience!

I get social with one of NASA's top social leaders! View my video interview with Jason Townsend, NASA’s Deputy Social Media Manager from the #Moonbuggy #NASAsocial event at Marshall Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL.

Jason Townsend on NASA's Google+ and Social Media Marketing

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